Meet The People That MoP

Merry Meet!

I'm Dana Roper. I own this awesome adventure that we call Moon Over Pumpkintown! I've lived in the Pickens area since 1986. I have 5 wonderful and talented kids and 2 adorable granddaughters. My little dog, Dee, is often at the shop as the official door greeter. I have always been drawn to science, nature and animals. I had a horse farm and rescued horses for over 16 years. I started easing out of the "broom closet" around 2012 and I just kept getting braver. I definitely feel this is my path to the light. I believe there is truth in all religions, but some have become corrupt by using fear and manipulation to control the masses. I am an eclectic Pagan because I follow many practices. I do lean toward Wicca mainly due to their Rede. I love my Tarot decks! I got my calling in 2018 to start a Sanctuary, a safe haven for people to learn and enjoy fellowship with like-minded friends. I've come a long way, baby! And my journey has only begun. I invite you to join us in growing our community.

May All Things Done, Be Done With LOVE.

Love In Your Heart.

Love In Your Body.

Love In Your Spirit.

Bright Blessings!